All of the hydro equipment offered by Advanced Pump and Hydro includes, as a package, the control systems.

POPCO Turbine

An advanced turbine capable of delivering desired downstream pressure whilst extracting energy from available surplus pressure – offers dynamic pressure management preventing pipe bursts and significant reductions in leakage rates. Conventionally, pressure reduction is achieved by the use of Pressure Reduction Valves (PRV) – transforming energy captured in the pressure to heat – wasted energy as it disperses into the water

POGMO Turbine – Power for Smart Water Networks

The POGMO is a game-changing pico-turbine that provides off-grid power to Smart Water Networks. The smaller POGMOs produce enough power to feed monitoring equipment, while the larger POGMOs are designed for heavier tasks like valve actuators. While they offer great capabilities by themselves, the ideal approach is to use them in combination with each other.

Pump as Turbine (PaT) - Centrifugal

A centrifugal pump fitted with an impeller of the correct geometry can operate in reverse rotation mode as a turbine, the same principle as a Francis Turbine.

Pump as Turbine (PaT) – Rotary Lobe

The T2 Rotary Lobe Pump as Turbine (PaT) is an in-pipe system that combines pressure and fluid control with electricity generation to recover the embedded energy in pressurised Water mains or systems.

Low Head Kaplan - Turbiwatt

Designed around high efficiency, watertight and ultra-compact generators, directly integrated in the body of the turbine, the range of hydro generators developed by Turbiwatt offers a complete and adapted solution to all low head sites considered unprofitable until now.

Archimedes Screw Generator - Plastic

The Archimedes Screw Company (TASC) has designed and built a revolutionary new Hydroelectric Turbine based on the Archimedes Screw principles. It is a fish friendly, efficient device for converting the potential energy in water to electricity. The TASC turbine is made from reinforced plastic and is suited to smaller, domestic sites producing less than 15 kw.

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