The Right Pump for Every Area of Use

The Dairy Industry

The market for milk products is growing and with its price pressures. Therefore, the production plant has to increasingly be automated to ensure its operation.

The Confectionery Industry

The confectionery industry works with all kinds of ingredients, which are sometimes viscous, sticky,  chunky or sensitive to shear. Over the decades we have developed pumps for specific customers, which may even be heated to pump some the most complicated media, in close collaboration with the confectionery industry.

The Beverage Industry

In order to survive as a beverage manufacturer in an increasingly globalised market, product mix, quality and price have to be right. This requires flexible, cost-efficient production. Our broad product spectrum also has models in the series which can optionally be equipped with CIP or SIP as well as a series with EHEDG approval.

The Meat Processing Industry

The high degree of automation and speed of meat industry changeover are an indication of the modern meat processing industry. This requires a flexible production plant and it’s frequent and thoroughly cleaning.

The Fruit and Vegetable Industry

The freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables are crucial. They are processed seasonally or year round in the most careful way possible.

As a WANGEN PUMP UK agent ADVANCED PUMP AND HYDRO SYSTEMS LTD  is able to cover the entire range with 6 hygienic pump series, which is necessary for processing foods and beverages.

Meet the Solutions Below

Progressing Cavity Pump KB-SL

The series KB-SL “Hygienic“, which was developed for the dairy industry, is certified according to EHEDG guidelines.

Progressing Cavity Pump KL-SL

For liquid and solid foods. Either with one or two tangentially inclined cleaning connections. The “Hygienic“ model is optional and certified according to EHEDG guidelines.

Immersion Pump KL-TL

For pumping highly viscous media from tanks and containers, Low space requirement t due to the vertical construction form.

Hopper Feed Pump KL-RL

Can be optionally heated or cooled. Long standing times, high viscosity range. Automatic operation possible.

Hopper Pump KL-RF

Can be optionally heated or cooled. Long standing times, gentle product pumping, maintenance friendly.

Twin Screw Pump

For pumping low to highly viscous, volatile or gas-containing products. Can be optionally heated. Can be produced according to the EHEDG or 3A guidelines.