Mechanical Aerators

Advanced Wastewater Treatment brings you S.C.M. Tecnologie products for oxygenating, mixing and pumping civil and industrial wastewater.

Surface Aerators - AGV

Power: 1.5 -  22 kW
Rotation Speed: 960 R.P.M.

The high-speed floating aerators are designed for lagoons, variable level tanks, water storage basins and or mixing tanks in general. The water pumping action results in the transfer of the oxygen obtained from the water chipping.
The system is particularly useful in case of variable liquid levels or whenever there is the need to oxygenate and at the same time cool down the processed liquid, or prevent odour arising.

Submersible Aerators SC – SCL

Power: 0.75 - 80 kW
Rotation speed: 1450 R.P.M.

These radial submersible aerators represent a very flexible and versatile aeration system to be utilized in industrial water treatments and wherever the mixing process requires air introduction. Homogenisation and equalisation, biological oxidation, sludge stabilisation, flotation of grease are just some of the processes in which the radial aerators series SC and SCL can be employed. The SCL series is characterized by extended expulsion channels. These ducts are removable, and they are properly prolonged and shaped in order to increase contact time and area of influence. Thanks to their solid structure, the submersible aerators SC and SCL can easily be installed and subjected to maintenance operations with no need to empty the tanks or stop the process

Submersible Aerators - SCLK

Power: 11 - 37 kW
Rotation speed: 130 R.P.M.

SCLK aerators are particularly suitable for deep tanks and in case of high oxygen requirements. These units are equipped with a gearbox and a slow-rotation impeller.
SCLK aerators are fed by a blower and show a feature being unique of its kind: the use of a double speed motor allows excellent mixing even without using air.
The system maintains the correct oxygen level and suitable energy consumption by balancing the air flow and the impeller rotation speed, even on any individual aerator in the basin, by using Variable Speed.

Surface Aerators - ASP

Power: 0.75 - 75 kW
Rotation speed: 80 - 45 R.P.M.

The low-speed aerators series ASP are suited to aerate large volumes with reduced absorbed power.
They are mainly used in waste water treatment plants for biological treatment of wastes and in lagoon systems.
ASP-F version has been created for stationary installations. This version is equipped with galvanised painted steel rotor, or, upon request, stainless steel rotor. The rotor may alternatively be made from fiberglass (ASP-V variant), reinforced internally by a steel frame. For installation in tanks or lagoons without a gangway or platform, or for variable liquid levels, the version for floating installation (ASP-G) is available.

Submersible Aerators Air-Get

Power: 1 - 40 kW
Rotation speed: 960 – 2800 R.P.M.

The Air-Get system is based on the principle of coupling a submersible pump with one or more ejectors. Motor pumps with different power ratings and hydraulic properties may be coupled with ejectors with different flow rates so as to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.
The liquid sucked by the pump is conveyed through one or more ejectors and this process causes a pressure drop that allows the air suction to occur through a pipe communicating with the atmosphere. The Air-Get system configuration allows this system to particularly be useful in case of oblong rectangular tanks and round or ring-shaped basins.