Landia Gas Mix

Landia Gas Mix

Within the anaerobic digestion process created from food/human waste we have the Landia Gas Mix system that not only improves the digester mixing process thus suspending the grit content and preventing it from settling on the tank floor it can also significantly increase the gas produced.

Health & Safety benefits.

No working at height. (No restrictive harnesses required.)]

No working in the gas zone. (No very restrictive breathing apparatus required.)

There has to be other benefits of the above two points as reduced risk assessments and method statements and insurance implications.)

Service benefits.

As the pumps are externally mounted and the nozzles can be removed and re-installed without entering the tank there is no reason for the digester to ever go off-line and stopping production.

Easy removal and re-installation of the pump and motor assembly, without disturbing any of the pipe work.

The blades on the Landia chopper pumps and self-adjusting and do not need to be regularly adjusted.

Significantly reduced downtime of the mixing process.

All spare/wearing parts in UK stock. (Over half a million pounds worth of spare parts stock in the UK available for next day delivery).

Service fleet in the UK.

Service centre in the UK.

Cost benefits.

Cheaper. (On first inspection the Landia Gas Mix may appear more expensive than traditional submersible propeller mixers, however the latter also requires a hatch, a platform with ladder or stairway and lifting device, all additional costs that can be missed when pricing for complete units.

Cheaper than a gas diffuser system that has pads installed on the tank floor to create fine bubbles, however more often than not columns of mixed and unmixed digestate are created and additional pumps are installed to do the mixing.

Uses less power. (Normally run for 7-10 minutes in the hour the consumed power would be 1/6th of the installed power.

Reduces mixing and pumping power requirement down-stream. (12.5% reduction FACT!)

No downtime for servicing – no loss of gas production. (This is not just the day the lid is peeled back, it can take up to 7 days for the process to fully recover an average 1MW plant may lose in the region of £7K in revenue each time).

Quicker installation. (On average 1 day per unit).

Design benefits.

Each installation is designed specifically for each project this enables the end users specific requirements to be catered for. (This may be subject to tank design or feed stock.)

In built power surplus, if the feed stock thickens up we just run the units longer as we are not designing at capacity.

In built variability, if the feed stock changes e.g. more fibre or more grit the run times of top and bottom nozzles can be adjusted from the control room.

Process benefits.

More gas. (potential 11% more methane).

Reduction in volatile solids. (potential 11% reduction)

Excellent pre-treatment before digestion. (potential 31% reduction in viscosity).